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In recent years, esports betting has become a much larger part of the industry. There has been an increase in esports as a result of Covid 19’s ban on many sports. In 2021, esports betting has grown in tandem with esports viewership and interest. Teams are now sponsored directly by bookmakers, who are becoming more involved in the games. Esports betting is becoming legal in more and more places. This year, 2021, the market for esports gambling is expected to grow significantly.

Many bookmakers have significantly increased their esports offerings in the last year. Several new titles have been added to their catalog. New avenues for esports betting are opened up as a result of this development. It’s possible to bet on events that haven’t been covered before, as well as more mainstream games. The use of cryptocurrency in esports betting has also grown, with new markets opening up.

Growth and new opportunities

Esports betting companies have even expanded their revenue streams by getting involved. In 2021, esports betting data began to be monetized by companies. In order to gather more data for these events, Pandascore launched an esports betting hub and entered into agreements with bookmakers to do so. As more and more sites begin to offer more diverse and difficult-to-predict games, this will become more of a necessity.

Smaller games often struggle with inconsistent esports odds, so sharing data should make it possible to improve payouts and rates even for games that aren’t as popular. The addition of new games to esports bookmakers over the past year has resulted in a significant increase in the stability of esports betting odds.

More games

The term “esports” covers a lot of ground. Esports are available on a slew of websites, but most stick to the biggest franchises in order to avoid overcrowding the market. However, the number of games available has grown significantly in recent years. This is a list of some of the esports games that will be available for wagering on in 2021.

  • PUBG
  • Halo
  • Wild Rift
  • Apex Legends
  • KOG
  • Valorant

Like Valorant and Halo, these additions are a result of their recent esports success or new release. It’s a good sign, however, that more mobile esports offerings have been added. PUBG and Apex Legends, which were released years ago, are now getting more attention from the media.

These are just a few of the options available at the majority of online bookmakers. New games have been added to esports bookmakers that offer a wide variety. As interest in esports grows, so will the number of betting options available.


Esports betting revenue can be used as an indicator of how quickly the industry is evolving. For esports betting revenue, it’s difficult to get a complete picture of the year’s total. Things aren’t quite ready to reflect on the past. Things will be easier to evaluate in the future with the addition of a publicly traded company.

The market for esports betting has grown quite a lot in recent years. In terms of numbers, things are pretty impressive. Rivalry is just one part of the esports betting industry, but we can take their detailed statistics as a good bellwether for how the industry is growing as a whole.

In comparison to last year, their involvement increased by 141% in Q3 of this year. Given the nearly threefold increase in esports live stream watch time in 2021, this is a welcome boost. esports betting is expected to grow at a rapid pace in 2021 as well. It appears that sites are responding to an expanding audience by increasing their game offerings and features.

Using these metrics, it is clear that the esports betting market has a bright future in 2021. Over the next few years, more games will be added to sites. The esports betting market is expected to grow in the coming year, but no one knows exactly where it will go.

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